How to Grow and Care for Orchids
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How to root or grow an orchid?

I have a big orchid bush that was chopped down at the base before we moved here and a deck was built on top of it. Now the orchid grows out the side of the deck(which i don't mind) but everyone that comes over wants some or wants to grow some. All the research i found says it has to grow in moss or bark mixtures but it is deep down in regular dirt! It is starting to sprout out of the branches and I want to plant more and grow them for people but how do I do it? Wait for it to see? take off one of the sprout and grow it in water? I just don't know because it's not typical for them to grow like this. I need some help.

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1 bob w { 05.17.10 at 11:45 am }

An orchid grows from a bulb. You can dig the entire plant up, separate the bulbs and have several orchid plants. Just replant and water.

2 Jim { 05.17.10 at 12:37 pm }

It’s hard to give advice when I don’t know what type of orchid it is. Very few will survive planted out in the yard, soil. Of the epiphytes, if it is a Cymbidium, it would have pseudobulbs clumped at the base and long strap like leaves. I doubt it is a Cym, because cutting it down to the base, removing the pseudobulbs leaves nothing for new shoots to grow. If it is an Epidendrum, it will have long, thin stalks with alternating leaves of about 3″. The top will be leafless and end in a plume of small red, yellow, orange, white or purple flowers, if you have seen it in bloom.

If it is of the terrestrial variety, very unlikely, but maybe, then perhaps Bletilla striata, which grows from corms. There are many terrestrial orchids, most are not grown horticulturally, but you may look up Cypripedium. I doubt this also as cutting off at the base will most likely kill the plant, but the tuber may start a new shoot. If you’ve seen the blooms, there will be no doubt you have identified, at least, the genera it belongs to once you’ve researched some of the genera I’ve laid out.

If I had to guess, I would guess Epidendrum. If it turns out to be an Epi, then you can divide out a small clump along with the roots and repot it in soil or bark mix.