How to Grow and Care for Orchids
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Growing Orchids Indoors – This is Orchid Information Made Easy

Orchids are becoming one of the most popular home and garden plants available. There are many different species of orchids that can be found naturally and even more hybrids.

They are easy to grow with the right amount of care including water, light, fertilizer and air. They can be easily grown and cared for in a outdoor garden, a climate controlled green house or an individual pot indoors.

One of the easiest orchids to grow is the Phalaenopsis orchid plant. From the time the Phalaenopsis bud first opens, the sprays will stay in bloom for about two to three months. Some species of orchids will blossom once a year, while other species will bloom many times a year and some even bloom continuously.

Orchids are different from other flowers in many different ways. One example of this is that within the orchid species one petal is always more different or more extreme then the others and they have bilateral symmetry, so the leaf tends to present a mirror like look, in that one half of a leaf will look almost identical to the opposite half of that same leaf.

Another popular aspect of orchids is their fragrance. Some orchids are wonderfully fragrant. But, the scents from fragrant orchid flowers are extremely varying. Some are subtle while other fragrances can be extremely strong.

Orchids should be planted in bark rather then typically potting soil. New Zealand sphagnum moss can also be used. They should be planted in pots that will supply them with good drainage. Typical potting soil is bad for orchids because it cuts off air circulation at the roots and blocks the drainage of the water.

They also need to be watered about once or twice a week. During the summer, your orchid plant may need to be watered more often about every four to five days. A good rule of thumb to follow is the more heat, the more water you should give your orchid.

The less heat, the less amount of water they'll need. Because New Zealand sphagnum moss can retain moisture better, orchid plants that are potted in New Zealand sphagnum moss should be water less often then those planted in bark.

These plants can be watered once every seven to ten days. However orchids should be repotted if the pot that they are currently in is not large enough for the orchids to easily spread out during future growth or if the current pot is beginning to rot.

Orchid plants should be fertilized roughly every other week. You should also water your plant before applying the diluted nutrient solution if the pot is dry.

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